Gifts, Jewelry and Accessories

Handmade gifts from our workshop in Jaipur

Not a Scrap Wasted! Snips and ends and offcuts of our indigo block prints have been lovingly stitched into our newest gift selection.

Indigo cotton Ball Beads, Indigo Brush Roll, Indigo and Botanical print cotton Face Masks, and cute Little Mouse Tassels.

A fresh crop of beautiful block print Hot Water Bottle Cosies has also arrived! 

Our special collection of vintage hand-block printed scarves and stoles is in this collection too.

Lush colour combinations, gold print, and hand-beaded hems. 

Anokhi vintage scarves, including rare discontinued block prints.

Mainly new, some having mended beadwork.  Including a few pre-loved pieces, refurbished, as marked.

All have been lovingly washed, pressed and mended by Andrée, who cares deeply about MEND REPAIR REWEAR, and the Loved Clothes Last movement!