Textile Masterworks


Featuring textile arts handcrafted by India's Master Artisans. Pure wool cosy shawls, hand woven silk scarves, hand block printed stoles on raw silk, handspun yarns and authentic pashmina. 

Collected directly from the Master Artisans of India. Profit and reward for their remarkable textile skills is given direct; no middle man, and I pay them whatever price they require. To me these textile artisans are Living Treasures, and I am proud to support their work. They are carrying on generational professions with excellence.

These special pieces are ONE of a KIND. 

Your purchase is unique, handmade with quality and care, one by one. You can purchase a special gift like no other! This range is reasonably priced, moderately marked up, and non taxed. In other words, a very good deal! 

Thank you for your appreciation and support of India's fine textile artisans.

Contact me for any questions, laundering care or back stories about the makers