Our Story


Fashion : Handmade

From an artist who made clothes, I learned to become an artist who 

makes the cloth and the clothes

 Jaipur (the Pink City), a centre for hand block printing for 300 years, became my artistic home.

I came to India from Canada at 22 with my mother Sarah, who was a fashion designer and importer.

Together we sourced fabrics, designed prints and trimmings, styled patterns and learned about India's extraordinary craft traditions.

Andrée says, “I thrive on direct interaction with craftspersons,  I love nothing better than working with people who work with their hands.  Artisans of India have breathtakingly refined skills and patience at their crafts, inherited and learned from the generations before them. They have my highest respect”.

 Provenance. Craft. Tradition.

Steeped in centuries-old techniques and working with indigo, indelible inks and botantical-sourced dyes, Master Printers use carved wood blocks to hand print every piece of Andree Jaipur fabric.

Crafted by tradition. Inspired by nature. Styled for you.

 All Andree Jaipur garments are handmade in India from custom woven, superfine 100% cotton, hand block printed and hand-stitched in small batches by individual tailors.